Brian Day, Port Murray

Brian Day, Port Murray

My Name is Brian Day I have been in the tax preparation field for over 27 years and this is my story.

When I first became interested in this field it was because I loved numbers. 

The government allowed taxpayers to use a schedule (G) this form was used andwas call income averaging. We would look at  tax payers last three years of tax returns, the only condition the government had at this time was and increase of $3,000.00 per year, using this form was great because in most cases it would eliminate their entire tax liability, because the taxpayer received a large refund. 

My company took off during these years the government did not request social security numbers so tax payers would deduct their cats, dogs, birds whatever they had, I looked as if I was very good in the tax preparation business not realizing what I was getting into or what I should expect. 

The tax preparation business is a very strange business because you can take your W-2 forms to many different accountants or tax-preparers  and everyone will come up with a different figure, funny right! because it should not be the number should always be the same no matter who you went to unless you provided a different set of numbers. 

The real reason is perhaps not the accountants perhaps tax payers are looking for the best refund they can get even if they have to cheat.